VIVID measurement campaigns CARISSMA

In a joint measurement campaign, the project partners from ThIMo at TU Ilmenau, the Univ. of Applied Sciences in Kempten, and Blickfeld studied and compared the influence of radar and lidar signal propagation under different precipitation conditions such as rain or fog.

Systematic measurement campaigns were carried out in April 2022 in the multi-purpose test area CARISSMA (Center of Automotive Research on Integrated Safety Systems and Measurement Area) at the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt.

Using standardized test objects such as corner or Lambertian reflectors, but also EuNCAP pedestrian test dummies, the reflectivity of the test objects was measured under a range of weather conditions. The evaluation of the measurement data will lead to specific radar and lidar sensor models under harsh environmental conditions such as rain and fog, and provide insight into the powerful benefit from sensor data fusion for ultimate safety assurance.

Detailed results will soon be made accessible to the interested public. Stay tuned.


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