VIVID measurement campaigns Radar measurements in Virtual Road Simulation and Test Area

Within the research project VIVID, radar measurements of different road users and traffic objects, and with different radar sensors, have been performed in the Virtual road Simulation and Test Area – VISTA at the Thuringian Center of Innovation in Mobility (ThIMo). The unique semi-anechoic automotive test facility offers an electromagnetically shielded measurement environment with an EMC-compatible turntable.

The main objective of the measurement campaign was a quantitative comparison between the results recorded with a high-precision vector network analyzer and state-of-the-art automotive radar sensors supplied by the project partner ADC Automotive Distance Control Systems GmbH, Lindau, Germany. In addition, different radar sensor installation heights have been studied.

Different road users (automobiles, powered two-wheelers, bicyclists, pedestrains) and traffic objects (warning beacon, guard rails, traffic signs and posts, lost cargo) have been characterized in terms of their aspect angle and sensor height-resolved radar cross-section (RCS).

The comparison between the radar sensors as well as the RCS results provide important insights into radar signatures for object classification and will also be considered in the over-the-air/vehicle-in-the-loop test bench of VISTA.

Detailed results will soon be published in a research paper. Stay tuned.


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