Virtual Validation Tool Chain for Automated and Connected Driving

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Highly automated or even driverless driving is unimaginable without vehicles that offer the highest level of safety at functional and system level.

Vehicles must be capable of communicating efficiently and effectively with other traffic participants and fulfil customer and user needs. The aim of the German-Japanese research cooperation on automated and connected driving is to strengthen the exchange of know-how through joint research and development and to work towards harmonized and standardized connected and automated driving. The focus is on safety and validation.

Goals and process

“How can the safety of automated and connected driving functions be assured?”

To this end, virtual test environments are being developed for the sensor systems that are of central importance for connected and automated driving. They are used to simulate the functions of sensors, the impact of the environment, and the representation of scenarios. Different approaches from software-in-the-loop over over-the-air vehicle-in-the-loop up to field-operational tests are pursued in combination. The project is investigating how close to reality such tests can be in a virtual environment and to what extent they can represent the actual complexity of test drives. The aim is to develop realistic models for scenarios, sensors and environments that will enable standardized test procedures. In cooperation with the Japanese partners of the DIVP consortium, complementary scientific approaches and central questions of modelling, simulation and validation are being worked on.

Innovations and perspectives

The use of virtual methods is key to shorter development and test cycles and offers both much higher reproducibility and repeatability compared to real test drives for the safety assurance of automated and connected driving functions.

Virtual test environments increase the test efficiency and lead to enhanced reliability and functional safety of connected and automated driving.

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14-17 Nov. 2023, Tokyo

Mobility Innovation Week 2023

Closing event of the VIVID project

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